Question 1: What is the MOMS Club?
The Dunwoody MOMS Club South is a chapter of the International MOMS Club ®.  MOMS Club means MOMS Offering Moms Support.  We offer fun activities for you and your children during the day when you most need the support.  With the MOMS Club, children are welcome to attend all functions!  We believe that having children around is a natural part of being a mother.

Question 2: What kind of activities do the MOMS Club members do?
The members and their children participate in regular playgroups, Moms' Nights Out, club socials, activities at various locations, park play dates, and seasonal activities.  Nursing infants are always welcome.  

Question 3: How much does it cost to join the Dunwoody MOMS Club?
Our annual dues are $28.00 and are used for club activities and community projects.  If the dues pose a financial hardship, please let our president know — it will be kept confidential. 

Question 4: Who can join the Dunwoody MOMS Club ?
The Dunwooody MOMS Club is made up of stay-at-home moms who live within the boundaries of of/around Dunwoody. To see the boundaries and map, please CLICK HERE contact us if you have questions.  

Question 5: How do I join? 
To join the Dunwoody MOMS Club, just click HERE and complete the form.  Our Membership Vice-President will contact you soon. 

Question 6: Can my children attend the MOMS Club functions with me?
Yes, your children are welcome and encouraged to attend all of the daytime MOMS Club activities.  The only event that is strictly moms is the Moms Night Out.    

Question 7: I'm interested in joining, but do not want to participate in all of the activities.  Is that possible?
While we provide a multitude of opportunities to allow you to meet others, your level of participation is solely up to you.  No event is mandatory.  The club is what you make it.